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Pharmaceutical laboratory, leader in five market segments, headquartered in the USA and operating in more than 150 countries

Challenge: Generate rapid impacts on the leadership model in several Latin American countries by training managers in new leadership skills. Expand the company's penetration in key segments, increase margin and increase revenue in certain product lines.

Action: "Tailor-made" design of development programs and facilitation of these programs in three languages, involving 100% of managers in Latin America in more than twelve countries, with above-expected results in terms of margin, revenue and product penetration.

Result: Increased margin in all product lines, penetration of new product lines in markets dominated by competition, increase of up to 70% in currency revenue strong in certain countries and recognition of the company as a “Great Place to Work” environment in several countries.


Largest Banking Group in Latin America with 26 million account holders and 4,600 branches

Challenge: Train administrative managers of the group's 4,600 agencies. Develop systemic thinking among participants, involving the role of the administrative manager and his leadership model to motivate the team, operationalize demands and manage possible conflicts, generating new business.

Action: Continuous management leadership program for Administrative Managers of this banking group. The management models were aligned with 310 training groups, in more than 20 different cities, involving a total of 9,270 participants, over 10 years.

Result: Realignment of all managers to the new business models, generating in 2015 a total profit of US$ 5 billion, a growth of 14% compared to the previous year and around 300% compared to the last ten years.


American energy generation and distribution corporation, which operates in 17 countries and employs 21 thousand people

Challenge: Identify leadership skills and train 100% of managers, consolidating the company's leadership model in Brazil.

Action: A high-impact experiential training program was carried out for all company managers with the participation of counselors, directors, managers and supervisors. The program was carried out over three years and each of the 27 classes underwent a one-week in-person program, off-site, in the spirit of a “boot camp”.

Result: Consolidation of organizational culture, business diversification and talent retention, in addition to tripling Ebitda, which today stands at US$771 million.


Largest industrial conglomerate in the world, with US$200 billion in revenue and 290 thousand employees, in 80 countries

Challenge: Strengthen the organization's culture in one of the most relevant businesses in Latin America, after the acquisition of a European company specialized in the power and digital energy segment, involving region managers in “Strategic Storytelling” seminars.

Action: Identification of points of opportunity and “tailor-made” design of a broad “Strategic Storytelling” program, which implemented a culture of knowledge management and exchange of experiences, to enhance business results and optimize the retention of senior and key executives in the organization. To this end, training, coaching and advice were carried out in three languages, involving 100% of managers in Latin America in more than ten countries.

Result: Reduction in senior executive turnover and creation of a culture of “storytelling” for results, enabling a process of sharing “best practices” in the region and consequent increase in business by 12%. Increased margins in all product lines and business consolidation to absorb the acquired company and expand business results in several countries.


Steel Group present in 14 countries in the Americas, Europe and Asia

Challenge: Create a culture of providing feedback by leaders, as an instrument for creating a process of mutual trust in the largest plant in Latin America.

Action: Workshop on feedback techniques and provision of leadership application tools aligned to competencies and their respective indicators, using Storytelling principles for Leaders.

Result: Consolidation of a culture of valuing best practices, through feedback, using the principles of Storytelling for Results. Leaders began to engage their teams through feedback sessions, establishing a post-feedback development plan for each employee.


Company in the supermarket sector offers differentiated services focused on its equally differentiated audience

Challenge: Train managers as facilitators and reduce the gap in presentation techniques to enhance the dissemination of knowledge. In periodic workshops with their teams, they should present the content in a didactic, objective and stimulating way.

Action: All managers participated in a “tailored” program of facilitation techniques. With this, each participant can identify aspects to improve their presentation, emphasizing the importance of organizing ideas, facilitating groups and the resources to be used, through the principles of Storytelling.

Result: Increased self-esteem and self-confidence of facilitators. Meeting times were optimized and the level of participation and retention of knowledge was increased. There has been a considerable increase in the dissemination of collective knowledge, allowing for better customer service.

Coaching and Mentoring

French company operating in 80 countries

Challenge: Design and implement a bold process of cultural change for its managers around the world, through a Global Mentoring Program, involving senior management. One of the most relevant strategic objectives is executive retention. In addition, the desire was to develop new talents, expanding the organization's knowledge management in its various segments. Due to the lack of talent for strategic positions, which resulted in limited expansion in some segments and/or countries.

Action: Carrying out a broad, global, multicultural Mentoring Program, which involved all senior management levels of the company in all Latin American countries, using four languages. A strategic process of monitoring mentors and mentees was carried out to enhance organizational impacts.

Result: Significant increase in talent retention, decreased turnover and greater sharing of knowledge throughout the organization, at its strategic management level. Identification and development of new talents and greater speed and quality in succession processes for positions, allowing the expansion of activities in some key segments/countries in strategic positions.

Coaching and Mentoring

Professional in a time of career transition and goal setting

Challenge: Promote an analysis of personal and professional achievements and reflect on new career goals, aligning existing skills with new projects to be made possible.

Action: The “High Impact Process” (HIP) model was applied, which uses principles of storytelling and a conscientious approach. The sessions involved mapping, planning and an action plan to assist the coachee who needed to make a career decision for the next three years.

Result: Realignment of career focus, with a positive impact on your quality of life and self-esteem.

Coaching and Mentoring

Investors operating in several countries in the Americas

Challenge: Promote an analysis of the achievements of the last five years of activity in the investment market with the aim of creating an action plan consistent with their personal and professional priorities .

Action: Adoption of a hybrid method that favored individual and group sessions. Due to the investors' complex agenda, it was necessary to hold face-to-face and remote sessions. The “High Impact Process” (HIP) model was applied.

Result: A strategic action plan was created for each investor, covering priorities, personal and professional goals, which allowed the alignment of common interests between the partners. In addition, strategic opportunities were identified with the application of the value generation process through a priority matrix.

Sales and Negotiation

American nutritional products company operating in more than 150 countries

Challenge: Increase the degree of “closing” of deals in various distribution channels, adopting a commercial approach through value-based negotiations. Provide an exclusive sales, negotiation and business closing model that would be used by commercial managers and their employees in more than 15 countries in Latin America.

Action: Understanding the needs of the segment and designing the “tailor-made” Value-Based Sales model. Using the Story Listening model to create case studies based on existing challenges. Facilitation of development programs in three languages, involving 100% of managers in Latin America in eight countries, distributed in 20 training and coaching groups.

Result: Average growth of 20% in business volume, average increase in profitability varying between 5 and 15% in important markets and creation of a marketing culture focused on for the VALUE proposition in customer relations.

Sales and Negotiation

Asian electronics company, present in more than 120 countries and with factories located on four continents

Challenge: Change the concept of commercial approach of teams promoting electronic products at points of sale to expand business in Brazil.

Action: Design of a specific approach that was implemented in an impact off-site seminar. The program provided a better understanding of the desired skills. Learning took place through the applicability of the proposed concepts, causing the group to achieve the objectives. Participants also expanded their knowledge and were able to share their success stories using the principles of Storytelling in Sales.

Result: Exceeding the sales target for the period established by the company and identifying new talents who later occupied leadership positions. Through pre and post work, the transfer of content experienced in the seminar to the teams' daily lives was noticed.

Sales and Negotiation

American company specializing in Risk Management

Challenge: Boost business and increase results through a new sales approach with Consultative Vision.

Action: Survey of success stories with creation of an inventory of best practices in consultative sales for the company's business. Carrying out a highly interactive training program, leading participants to identify the rituals and routines that reinforce the existing value-focused selling mindset. Application of the Needs Flow Diagram in Sales with a Consultative Vision to reveal the hidden area where the gaps are generated by the difference between the real situation and the situation desired by the customer.

Result: Obtaining greater results and changing the behavior of sales consultants and expanding the perception of customer needs. Greater professional awareness of the need for strategic preparation (focused on the client) and technical preparation (focused on the consultant). More qualitative prospecting and closing deals with a higher success rate.


American investment advisory company

Challenge: Reorganize all areas of the company in such a way that it could grow and serve larger and more profile clients, in addition to holding seminars with partners, allowing alignment of strategic actions for the next ten years.

Action: Application of several combined solutions such as corporate governance, coaching, strategy design, organizational restructuring, potential analysis and team training. The project, carried out over three years, made it possible to classify the client portfolio, implement a program to improve the services provided and investment portfolio involving all areas of the company, with readjustment of the layout and unification of offices.

Result: The company grew to levels above the economy, aligned processes and enhanced the work of partners and their teams. Furthermore, it made it possible to optimize the processes of attracting, capturing, maintaining and retaining customers.


Real estate development company

Challenge: The team needed to revitalize team spirit as the business scenario had generated new challenges in the segments in which it operates. The needs assessment pointed to work that could give the group greater maturity in day-to-day work, decision-making and team integration.

Action: Storytelling techniques applied to team building, leading the group to know and experience the history and why of the company's values in order to eliminate gaps in perception and judgments that directly impact day-to-day routines. The work also involved feedback training and periodic meetings to address problems between areas and mitigate process errors and expand new business. New behaviors that should be carried out to face new challenges were identified.

Result: Positive impact on all professionals in relation to the work environment, reduction in turnover and reduction of up to 20% in procedural errors and expansion of new business.


Large financial institution in Latin America

Challenge: Implementation of a remuneration and skills program that complies with the organization's new internal statute as well as the requirements of official bodies. Readjustment of the organizational structure of 3,750 employees, with new job and function descriptions and segregation of areas, to meet the external audit request and minimize corporate risks.

Action: Complete restructuring of the company, with a new conception of positions and functions, segregation of areas and a new corporate governance model. After a year of the project, there was a remodeling of the remuneration policy and employee skills in all areas of the company, a reduction in the number of professionals, in addition to a redefinition of the organization's mission and vision.

Result: The Institution adapted to legal requirements, mitigating the risk of non-compliance in areas and functions previously not segregated, optimizing the workforce by 15% and obtained a profit of US$67 million after implementing a new governance model. Started a new human resources program with modern processes for attracting, maintaining and retaining talent.

Talent Development

Swiss logistics company

Challenge: Creation of a unique identity for leadership, as after the period of growth in Latin America, professionals from different companies and cultures were hired. Difficulties in attracting and retaining new talent. Mitigating organizational conflicts and reducing noise in the interface between managers from different areas (which generated low speed in capturing new business).

Action: Conducting leadership training programs for all business unit managers, based in Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Mexico, Peru, Colombia, Venezuela , Panama, Costa Rica, Uruguay and the United States. The programs focused on communication skills, meetings, matrix structures, managing people and managing new businesses.

Result: The program was applied in modules and the results were measured as each module was completed. In one year, the company managed to renew its customer portfolio and increase the speed of attracting new business, generating 17% of annual revenue from new customers. The project improved communication processes by reducing barriers between areas and allowed a reduction in the turnover of new talent.

Talent Development

Hospital healthcare institution

Challenge: Joint action of professionals from different categories (doctors, nurses, administrative) aligned with the health segment, providing them with management techniques and tools.

Action: Leadership and management program for professionals from different categories, applied in modules and integrating different perceptions about the company's functioning.

Result: Greater integration and acceptance of different perceptions, culminating in a more professional performance, aimed at internal and external customers and aligned with results.

Talent Development

European multinational in the chemistry and biotechnology segment

Challenge: Stimulate a more collaborative environment, where everyone can understand their role in a dynamic, participatory and highly engaged business context and mitigate risks in process migration financial resources to the “Shared Service Center” located in another country.

Action: Mapping opportunities in processes and lines of communication and holding a Finance Area Integration Workshop, with participants from several countries (Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, USA and Panama), leading the group to reflect on the role of each one in this new business context. Storytelling principles were used with the aim of stimulating dialogue between the commercial and financial areas. The work sought to develop relationships based on trust, increase team spirit, ability to manage conflicts and allow the mitigation of business risks after the transition of part of the processes to the “Shared Service Center”.

Result: Successful migration of processes to the “Shared Service Center” in another country. Improvement of the business environment and climate, which allowed the maintenance of best practice meetings and exchange of experiences, in order to obtain a collaborative environment based on assertive behaviors that lead to constructive conflicts.

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